Hi, My name is Fauwxx - Welcome to my weird corner of the internets.....

I'm just an awkwardly charismatic goofball that takes great joy in arting, playing vidya games and interacting with my community.

I live in sunny Arizona with my Fiance Pat and our cat Keeku. We lovingly refer to our house as the "Phart House". I'm sure I don't need to explain why.

Sewing and creating are a HUGE part of my life, I'm an artist to the core. I learned to sew at the tender age of 7 (my Mom and Granny taught me). I make EVERYTHING. I'm obsessed with DIY.  I prefer receiving handmade gifts over store bought items. If something is old, I'll refurbish it so I don't have to buy something new.  I up-cycle when I can as well. This is probably the most valuable skill I possess. I can't imagine not being able to fix something if it's broken, make something I saw in a magazine, or give an old piece of furniture new life.

I have also dabbled in painting/arting my whole life. I've used mostly acrylic paints when painting - but this year I've decided to try my hand at watercolor and I'm IN LOVE WITH IT. I learn something new each time I paint. You can check out some of my recent artwork below.

Fauwxx Areht (my independent handmade goods label) was born from my love of creating. I focus on crafting one-of-a-kind accessories and artwork. I'm not a big fan of manufacturing goods, as I believe it takes the quality away. Be assured that if you purchase something from my shop, you'll be highly impressed with the quality and design. I never sell anything I wouldn't wear myself. Check out my shop HERE.

I'm an avid PC Gamer. I adore getting lost in game content, so much so that I feel sad when I have to log off and join the real world again. I spend hours grinding for the perfect gear and I enjoy running dungeons. Transmoging is my favorite thing. I love being able to create the perfect look for my toon. I don't use macros. I never have, probably never will. I like learning to play my spec, and I like knowing when/how to use certain abilities. Call me a shitty gamer if you want, but if you don't know how to play your spec, why bother?


Pirate - I live by my own rules and NEVER follow trends
DIYer/Seamstress - I make EVERYTHING
Artist - I create things daily, I especially love graphic design
PC Gamer - Currently playing World of Warcraft and Diablo 3
Faction - HORDE
Batman obsessed - Seriously, I have so much Batman paraphernalia
YouTuber - I make videos about DIYing things, gaming and makeup
Blogger - I like to write about things
Geek - I'm eccentric and non-mainstream
Seeker of Knowledge - I know a little about a lot of things, I enjoy research
Introvert - I prefer being alone
Cinephile - I adore movies and cinematography
Animal Ear Aficionado - I wear them, A LOT
Goofball - I can't take anything seriously, I'd rather laugh
Spirit Animal - Sloth, sleep all day - party never
Star Wars Purist -  I actually researched which Star Wars DVDs had the original, unaltered cuts of the movies. I didn't want added CGI in the originals.