Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tutorial :: Scrappy Gradient Tee

So, yeah, I have a BAJILLION t-shirt scraps laying around my craft room. I hate throwing them away because I never know what I'll need them for. You can make neckbands out of them, stuff things with them and now, I know you can make brand new t-shirts out of them. Check out this tutorial on how to make your very own Scrappy Gradient Tee!


Well Fitted T-Shirt
T-shirt Scraps
2 Sleeves off an old T-shirt
Back piece of an old T-shirt
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Sewing Machine

Measure out 2 inch wide strips onto the t-shirt scraps. Then cut them all out. I used the bottom half part of the shirt, and I think I had 5 total.

Now cut one side of each strip open.

Lay the strips out in the gradient pattern you'd like.

Serge all the strips together, until you have a nice piece of fabric made.

Iron the fabric, then fold it in half with right sides facing each other.

Using a t-shirt that fits you well, fold it in half so that the front side faces out. Place this on top of the fabric (folds lined up) and carefully fold the sleeve part back away from the armhole. Cut out the front piece of the shirt, leaving a half inch seam allowance.

Now grab the back piece of an old t-shirt and fold it in half with right sides facing in. Again, use the t-shirt that fits you well and fold in in half with the back side facing out. Place this on top of the fabric and carefully fold the arms out of the way again. Cut the piece out leaving a half inch seam allowance.

With right sides together, pin the shoulder pieces together. Serge.

Grab two t-shirt sleeve scraps. Place the sleeve of your well fitted t-shirt on top of the old sleeve (with the finished seams lined up). Carefully fold the rest of the shirt over the sleeve. Cut the new sleeve out leaving a half inch seam allowance. Make sure you cut two new sleeves.

Find the center of the sleeve and start pinning the sleeve to the armhole. Make sure right sides are together. Serge. Repeat on the other armhole.

Once both sleeves are serged onto the armholes, pin up each side of the shirt and serge.

Fold your new shirt in half with the front side facing out. Draw a scoop neckline onto the front of the shirt. Cut.

Grab a 2 inch wide t-shirt scrap and fold it in half width wise. This is the neckband for the shirt.

Pin the folded t-shirt scrap to the neckline, starting at the back of the shirt. Make sure to leave about half an inch of working room between the openings of the neckband. Start and stop sewing the neckband about 1/4 inch away from the center of the back of the shirt. **I actually learned this technique from Lex over at You can watch her video HERE.** 

With right sides together, pin the open ends of the neckband together. Serge.

Now let the neckband unravel itself. It should look like this. Finish serging the neckband to the neckline.

Put your new shirt on and use pins to mark where you'd like the lace ties to be placed.

Cut four, 6 inch long pieces of lace.

Pin the lace ties in place on the front and back of the shirt. Sew them to the shirt, and tie them.

Whew! You're done! I know it's a lot of steps and a lot of work, but in the end, you'll have a completely unique t-shirt of your own. Mine is so comfy. I can't wait to make more!

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