Monday, December 2, 2013

Tutorial :: Rock N Roll Christmas Stocking

I'm not usually into decorating my house for the holidays, but over the years I've realized that decorating helps get you into the holiday spirit when there are no signs of 'holiday' outside. It's still in the high 70's here in Arizona and it's December! I should also note that I don't like traditional Christmas decorations either. No Santa or Reindeer here at the TP household, just ROCK N ROLL! I wrote this tutorial on how to make your own Rock N Roll Christmas stockings.

Supplies:  Fabric Scraps (I used this skull embroidery my granny sent me) :: Stocking Pattern :: Faux Fur :: Thread :: Sewing Machine :: Pins :: Ribbon :: Scissors

First you'll need to quilt your fabric pieces together if you're using scraps (like I did). If you're not using fabric scraps, skip that part. Pin the stocking pattern to your fabric. **HINT** You can use an old stocking for the stocking pattern. Either trace around it onto your fabric, or trace it onto brown paper (like I did). Cut 4 stocking pieces.

Now, with right sides together, sew the outer stocking piece together around the edges. Then turn it right side out. Also sew the lining pieces together with right sides together (don't turn the lining right side out).

Slip the lining into the stocking. The wrong sides of the outer stocking and the wrong sides of the lining should be touching on the inside.

Cut a 10 inch long piece of ribbon. 

Fold the ribbon in half length wise and sandwich it between the lining and outer stocking pieces. Pin around the top edge of the stocking.

Now stitch the top edge of the stocking closed, making sure to catch the ribbon piece in there. You can also go back and zig zag stitch the top edge of the stocking if you like. 

Cut a 13 inch long by 6 inch tall piece of faux fur. 

With the wrong side of the faux fur up, fold back about a half inch of fur on the length edges of the fur. Pin. Sew these edges down. Then fold the fur in half length wise (right sides together) and stitch up the width edge of the fur.

Now slip the cuff of the stocking over the outer stocking piece. Pin it in place and hand stitch it to the stocking.

And you're done! Now you've got yourself a Rock N Roll Christmas Stocking. 

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