Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tutorial :: Reconstructed Slouch Beanie

Brrr....It's finally getting nippy here in AZ, so I needed to make myself a beanie. I was going to donate this old cardigan, but then I decided it just needed a new life. I'll show you how I did it.


Rotary Cutter

First you'll need to cut the side panels off the cardigan.

Grab the side panel that has the button holes and cut the button hole placket off. Also cut the sleeve off.

With right sides together, pin the longest side of the side panel to the back panel of the cardigan.

Lay your new piece of fabric out flat and measure out a 23 inch wide by 13 inch long rectangle. Hint: The bottom edge of the cardigan will be the head band of the slouch beanie. Cut.

With right sides together, pin the edges of the fabric together. Serge.

Fold the beanie in half (with right sides in) so that the front center is at your left, and the back center is at your right. Find the top center of the beanie and begin pinning an arch down on each side of the beanie. I took mine down about 5 inches on each side.

Serge around your pinned lines, making sure it's smooth and not pointy at the top.

Find the top center of the beanie again. Place a pin there. Then measure down about 4 inches and place another pin.

Now you'll need to pinch and pin this line from top center to the bottom pin. Repeat on the other side. Serge.

And you're done! Now go rock your new beanie! 

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