Friday, November 22, 2013

Tutorial :: Girl Scout Vest Pillows

I made these Girl Scout vest pillows for a friend of mine a while ago. I decided to write a tutorial on how to make them yourself! They are pretty easy to make, and they are a clever way to showcase your child's accomplishments!


Girl Scout Vests
Polyester Stuffing
Scrap Fabric
Sewing Machine

First, you'll need to pin the front of the vest shut. Then stitch it in place.

Now, grab a piece of scrap fabric and insert it into the front of the vest. This part is tricky, so make sure you use pins to pin the scrap fabric in place. Once you have it secure, stitch it in place.

Stitch the bottom opening of the vest closed, as well as the armhole openings. Also top stitch the tops of the shoulders, leaving an opening for stuffing.

Stuff the vest, then stitch the opening closed.

And you're done! Now you've got some totally unique home decor! 

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