Friday, November 15, 2013

Tutorial :: DIY Custom Bunting

I recently redecorated the guest bedroom and made this super simple, customized bunting to hang over the bed. I really love what it added to the room! It's crazy how something so simple can really spruce up your space. I wrote a tutorial on how to do it yourself too! You can make these bunting in whatever color you'd like, and add whatever word you'd like.


Sewing Machine
Felt Sticky Letters
First you'll need to measure out your flags. Mine were about 4 inches wide at the top. 

Once you've got all your flags cut out, grab a piece of ribbon in the length you want. Evenly space and pin the flags onto the ribbon.

Sew each flag to the length of ribbon. 

Lastly, stick the felt letters to the flags. 

And you're done! You've got a super cute addition to any space. I made one for my kitchen as well. You could even make these for the holidays, or birthday parties. The possibilities are endless! 

Happy Crafting! 

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