Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rock n Roll Redux :: Black, White and Green Striped Curtains

We have this huge back room area that we decided to use as the craft room/game room area.  The space is huge, so splitting it up really makes me feel like the room has dedicated spaces. My only problem back here is that the curtains seem to eat up the walls. They are HUGE, and are way bigger than the actual windows.

Pat and I had (black) thermal curtains (they block the heat from coming in, and keep the heat in when it's cold out) in our old room. The only problem with them is that A: I couldn't find a specific window to use them on since they're too short for the windows here and B: I couldn't decide which window to use them on. You see my dilemma here right?!

Then like most of my DIYs, it hit me! I should use them on this window since the sun hits this window pretty bad in the late afternoon hours. Once again, they're too short for the window. No problem! I had some striped fabric left over from making these couch covers. I measured the window height, then subtracted the measurement of the black curtains. I cut two strips of the green striped fabric and sewed them to the bottom of each black curtain to make up the shortness in length. Now they look like this:

So much better! I really love how they bring the room together.  I also made some curtain ties so they can be tied back during the day.  I still need to add curtain hooks to the inside of the window, but I can do that later.

And here is a close up of the bottom of the curtains.  I added some black ribbon just above the striped fabric. You can't see it unless you are up close, but it makes them a bit less generic looking.

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