Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rock N Roll Redux :: Ugly Hanging Lamp

I LOVE LAMP. NO, NO! I do not love lamp.

This hanging lamp was here when we moved in and really leaves something to be desired. I actually took it down a few weeks ago, deciding that it was just time to retire it fully. I didn't really see any way of salvaging it, or how to make it go with our decor.

Then, BAM! One night as I was restlessly trying to sleep, it hit me. Like a freight train. I had some lace laying around in my workroom so I was like, " Why don't I spray paint the panels with the lace over them, thus leaving the lace pattern on the lamp." And so it began....

So I got to work.  I layed the lace over the black panels, and spay painted them silver with Krylon Metallic silver spray paint.  Then I painted the brown panels black.  And lastly, I spray painted the chain/power cord black.  And voila!

Now it's Rock N Roll!  I absolutely adore it.  It came out so good and it's amazing how much it adds to the room now.  Thank you brain for giving me this awesome idea!


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