Monday, August 12, 2013

Tutorial :: DIY Upcycled Home Decor Jars

I'm in the process of decorating my home and I need the little things, you know, like toothbrush brush holders.....even cooking utensil holders.  I'm a big fan of upcycling things, and since I've been using A LOT of simmer sauces lately, I'm stocked up on the glass jars it comes in. I upcycled a couple of them yesterday, so I wrote this quick tutorial on how to make your own upcycled home decor jars!

You'll need:

A de-labeled glass jar
Spray Paint
Glue Gun

First you'll need to put tape on the jars to create the designs you'd like.   I chose to do horizontal stripes and diamonds. 

Now, go outside and spray paint the jars.  You can do two coats of paint for a more solid look, or get creative with it and create a frosted look by only doing a few passes with the paint. 

Let the spray paint dry thoroughly, then carefully peel the tape off the jars.  

With the hot glue gun, glue a strip of ribbon around the top of the jar to cover the screw top ridges.  Then fold the excess ribbon over the opening edge of the jar. 

Add your own special touches to the jars, and presto, you're done!!!

You can use these jars for all sorts of things around your home.  Put potpourri in them and place them around the house. Use them on the patio or deck to add ambiance to your outdoor space.  Put toothbrushes in them, or use them in the kitchen by the stove to hold cooking utensils. 

Happy Crafting my friends!   

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