Saturday, May 11, 2013

The amazing T-shirt quilt!

GOOD MORNING! Well, I'm not actually up this early, are you crazy!? I typed this last night. Anyone that knows me well knows I'm a natural night bird. My mom tells me all the time that when I was younger I was the last kid to bed and the last one up in the morning (er, afternoon). I've tried and tried again to change my natural time clock, but my body always tends to lean towards the night hours.

But I digress.....

This is probably one of my favorite creations. My boyfriend has a plethora of t-shirts. I mean, a gazillion! So one fine day, I tried to sit down with him to see if we could donate some. Well, that did not fare well. You see, he's really attached to his shirts. That's okay with me though. We all have certain things that we just can't stomach to give away. So I decided to see if maybe I could immortalize some of these shirts in a t-shirt quilt, so that he'd have the shirts forever. He agreed. And so, this amazing Irish t-shirt quilt was born.

I used 24 shirts total.  They were all Irish themed.  I really love how it came out!  It was way easier than I thought it would be too.  

Because I used t-shirts for the front of the quilt, and cotton fabric for the back, I thought I would run into a problem stitching them together.  You see, jersey (t-shirt fabric) stretches and cotton (woven fabric) doesn't. I had no problem at all getting them stitched together though.  I found these cute shamrock print fabrics at JoAnn's on clearance since St. Patty's day had already come and gone.  I used black yarn to tack the front to the back, and voila! A t-shirt quilt was made. I'll be making another one shortly, using all of my boyfriend's travel t-shirts.

Until next time...

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