Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Room Redux

I've been slowly redecorating my bedroom since I've been back home. I've added things here and there, but now it's really coming together. It's like my own personal utopia. I'd probably stay in here all day every day if I didn't have to go to work or go downstairs to get something to eat.

On Monday I went to the dollar store and purchased three black frames. What did I frame you ask? Batman comic book scans of course! I stole the idea from my craft wife Max. I love comic book art (and especially Batman) so it only made sense for me to add some comic book art to my room.

Then I decided to make this super cute fabric basket to match my brand new comforter set. It was super simple to make. I got the idea (and pattern) to make it from the book One Yard Wonders. It's currently my favorite crafting book. The ideas are simple and you only need one yard of fabric for each project!

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