Saturday, April 30, 2011

Batman Week :: Tutorial :: Bat Signal Necklace

Ahoy me Hearties! It's time for the Batman Week festivities to begin! Max and I have a ton of cool Batman themed tutorials lined up for you. We hope you enjoy them. Now on with the show!

In my first tutorial I'm going to show you how to make your very own Bat Signal necklace. The coolest part about this necklace is that part of it is made of upcycled materials. I love to reuse items around my house, instead of throwing them into the trash.

You will need:

Plastic lid off a coffee can (preferably black)
Bat Symbol Stencil (Learn how to make a stencil here)
Two medium sized jump rings
Two small jump rings
Toggle clasp
Two seven inch lengths of silver chain

Cut the edge of the plastic coffee can lid off so the lid will lay flat on the table.

Lay the Bat Symbol stencil on top of the plastic coffee can lid. Use a pencil to trace the image onto the lid.

Use scissors to carefully cut out the Bat Signal.

Use a pencil to mark two dots close to the top part of the Bat Signal wings.

Heat up the end of a pin with a lighter, and carefully push the pin through each dot you made on the Bat Signal wings. You may have to heat up the pin several times.

Open the medium sized jump rings with pliers and insert into the two holes you just made with the hot pin. Leave the rings open for now.

Slip the 7 inch lengths of chain onto each of the open medium sized jump rings. Use pliers to close each of the rings.

Open the small jump rings and slip one side of the toggle clasp onto one of the small jump rings. Slip the small jump ring (with one side of the toggle clasp) onto one end of the chain and close the ring. Repeat with the other small jump ring and the other side of the toggle.

Now you're done! You now have your own personal Bat Signal necklace, and you saved the planet while making it! Hoorah!

Don't forget that you can always customize your Bat Signal necklace as well. Add rhinestones or glitter to make it pop!

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