Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Batman Week :: Tutorial :: Bat Signal Hair Clip or Brooch

You will need:

Chalk Pencil
Bat Symbol Stencil and Oval Stencil (learn how to make stencils HERE)
Glue Gun
Black Felt
Yellow Felt
Barrette backing or Pin Back

Trace the Bat Symbol onto the black felt. Cut the Bat Symbol out and set it aside.

Trace the oval onto the yellow felt. Cut the oval out.

Using your glue gun, add glue to the back of the Bat Symbol. I only put glue in a few spots. Then turn the Bat Symbol over and center it on the oval piece. Press the pieces together to make sure they bond.

Add glue to your barrette backing (or pin back).

Center the barrette backing (or pin back) on the back of the oval piece.

Voila! You're done! You've now got a super cute Bat Signal hair clip (or brooch) to wear while you fight crime.

You can make these hair clips or brooches in any design you like. Simply make a stencil of the design you want and trace the design onto felt.

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