Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tutorial :: Arizona Sunset Eyeshadow

As most of you know, I hail from the sunny and hot state of Arizona. Arizona is known for it's spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


The colors are amazing. It's almost like the sky is ablaze with fire. These colors are the inspiration for this eye makeup tutorial. This eye makeup look is super simple and I promise that you'll be able to replicate it. In just a few simple steps your eyelids will be emblazoned with a beautiful wash of color.

You will need:

Medium sized makeup brush
Eye shadow primer (I used Hard Candy's Shadow Primer)
Purple Eyeliner ( I used Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Lust)
Beige Eye shadow (I used Midnight Cowboy from Urban Decay)
Purple Eye shadow (I used KillerCosmetics Lady Killer)
Orange Eye Shadow ( I used KillerCosmetics Clockwork)
White Shadow (I used Hard Candy)
Black Mascara (I used Extra Super Lash by Rimmel)

With your ring finger apply eyeshadow primer to each eyelid. Eyeshadow primer helps your shadow stay on longer, keeps it from smudging and helps it look brighter. I highly recommend using it. I use it daily and it really does keep my eyeshadow looking fresh all day.

With the medium sized makeup brush, apply the beige eyeshadow from the inner corners of your eyelids to the center of your eyelids. Void (clean the excess shadow off) the brush on a towel or paper towel.

Apply the orange shadow from the outer corner of each eyelid to the center of the eyelid. Make sure to blend the two colors together in the center of the eyelid. Void the brush.

Apply the purple shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid over top of the orange shadow. Make sure a bit of the orange still shows in the center of the eyelid. When applying a color over top of another color, it helps to sort of just tap the color on. Blend the shadows together slightly, sweeping a bit of purple shadow in the crease of the lid toward the center of the lid. Void the brush.

Apply white shadow to the brown bone. Void the brush.

Line the top and bottom lash line with purple eyeliner. You can smudge your eyeliner a bit if you'd like a smokey look.

Apply two coats of black mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

And you're done! Check out your hot self in the mirror. The key to this look is blending. If you feel like your colors are too bright or you can see the definite lines of the colors, just blend them more. You can do it, I believe in you!

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